Author: Cole Hornaday


Sandbox Radio IV: The Chase

With its delicate balance of music, pathos and humor Sandbox Radio’s director Leslie Law does much to honor radio programming of the past kept familiar by the likes of Prairie Home Companion, but this project brings to its audience so much more. Sandbox Radio pulls nary a punch and for many answers the question of what, precisely, audio theater will sound like in the future?

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Straight from the Can: Tin Can Studio serves up food for the soul and then some

In keeping with her art’s humble origins, Hayes and her husband Michael White Hayes drew their new art space’s moniker from a similar pool. “We were very deliberate about choosing the name Tin Can Studio. A tin can is a simple, common thing but it’s a very useful invention,” says Hayes. “It revolutionized the way people feed themselves. Tin Can Studio is like that tin can because art feeds people’s souls.”

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Bushwick Book Club Seattle watches the Watchmen

One of the marvelous things about the Seattle arts community is its literary heart. Few environments can boast of lit-driven ensembles like Book-It Reparatory Theater and the Bushwick Book Club Seattle. Beginning in 2010, Bushwick members have taken great risk in drawing musical inspiration from written works deeply entrenched in the popular consciousness, if not the personal mythology, of its audience.