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Night and Day Film Noir Series Month Two: All About Touch of Evil

The Star continues its conversation with Brandon Ryan, the curator behind Central Cinema’s Night and Day film noir series, first by defining his criteria for what makes a film noir, and then delving into the convoluted and controversial production history behind the first of September’s offerings: Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil, a film both Ryan and the Star’s José Amador consider to be one of the finest in the genre.

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How to Eat Yer Greens

Kale is heartier, arguably healthier and has a lot more versatality than lettuce. It is so good for you, you almost become a pristine naked hippie doing yoga on the beach in Maui after just one bite. And it’s magically delicious. Flavor can’t be beat.


The Paradise Theater School in Chimacum, WA: An Ideal and Idyllic Theater Company

Of all the places one would think one would encounter daring, rigorous and experimental theater, it is likely that Port Townsend, the charming Victorian harbor town on the Olympic Peninsula, would not be the first town to come to mind. It would be even more unlikely for anyone to think of Chimacum, WA, a tiny little burg ten miles South of Port Townsend, as anything other than an unassuming hamlet. Yet it is here that one could find The Paradise Theater School, an organization that is perhaps Washington theater’s best kept secret.