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Paul Mesner’s Pulcinella: Anarchy in a Coppolone

Some thoughts on an old, old tradition. By Omar Willey

Split-Level Head: Cineastas

Omar Willey considers the levels of fiction in Mariano Pensotti's latest production.

The Joys of Not Being Patronized: Paul Mesner’s The Dinosaur Show

What you can do in children's theater shows what is wrong with adults. Omar Willey writes.

With Conviction: Yellow Face

Thoughts on the UW UTS production of Yellow Face.

Proto-Absurdity: The Lower Depths

Omar Willey reviews Theatre Machine's production of The Lower Depths and stuff.

In Search of the Superfluous Woman: The Three Sisters

The tradition of the superfluous man in Russian literature is a source of much discussion. But what about the superfluous woman? Omar Willey writes.

A Complementary Opinion

Thoughts on comp tickets and the new economy of controlled speech.

The Crawling Creator Crawling in the Same

Thoughts on UMO Ensemble's attempts to Fail Better.

Nothing, Taking Its Course

Thoughts on Ghost Light Theatricals' offerings of Beckett's Endgame and Blood Ensemble's Beckett-inspired NDGM.

Future Present: DASS Dance’s Lights Camera ACTION

Some thoughts about DASS Dance's Lights Camera ACTION.