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How to Eat Yer Greens

Kale is heartier, arguably healthier and has a lot more versatality than lettuce. It is so good for you, you almost become a pristine naked hippie doing yoga on the beach in Maui after just one bite. And it’s magically delicious. Flavor can’t be beat.


The Seattle Star Food Section

Our target audience are not foodies or chefs or gardeners, though we love you and worship at the same altar. We’re interested in appealing to people who eat out a lot, who stalk the deli section at QFC, who say they “can’t” cook as they pop a Pizza Pocket in the microwave, who think nothing of basing a diet on nutrition sourced thousands of miles away, or indeed, who purchase blackberries.

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I aim with The Seattle Star to use my pages to help rebuild our community, to use our knowledge and our limited power to bring artists together and to bring people together with artists. So far we have done this quietly, by publishing poetry, drama, radio plays and fiction alongside our essay writing. We will continue to do so, but rest assured we will expand this mission visibly over the next year.