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Gender Rocked: A Conversation With The Women Behind These Streets

By the time of this writing, it would be pretty remarkable if you haven’t heard about Sarah Rudinoff and Gretta Harley’s These Streets, the creative duo’s new rock music theatrical experience that is opening at ACT.The scale of their promotional effort is as impressive as everything else about the project. This is due, in no small part, to the women behind the project, with whom The Seattle Star’s José Amador had an opportunity to have a discussion.

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The Finest Work Songs: Alan Lau and Susie Kozawa

On October 18th, Alan Lau and Susie Kozawa (longtime collaborators and working artists) will be revisiting a piece that they originally presented at the Seattle Art Museum in 1996. Lau’s part, initially a response to the Seattle Art Museum’s exhibit “In The American Grain,” will provide a reading poetry as well as words from four modernist American artists, while Kozawa will respond to Lau’s poetry as well as the space itself. Over e-mail, I asked the two to talk about their experiences with artistic collaboration, their experience with this piece, and with each other.