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Musopen Sets Music Free

The Musopen project is complete. The orchestra have finally completed their recording process and have released a full DVD of classical delights into the public domain, free of charge. The list of recordings is phenomenal for any music lover, even one who only casually likes classical music or one who is simply eager to learn.

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The Inner Life of Jack Straw: In Conversation With Artist Ellen Sollod

To enter Outside In/Inside Out: The Inner Life of Jack is to submit to an immersive experience. To commemorate Jack Straw’s 50th, local artists Ellen Sollod and Johanna Melamed have transformed the entirety of Jack Straw Productions New Media Gallery into a camera obscura, inviting in the outside world and turning it on its head. Coupled with a quirky and ever-shifting soundtrack, the entire experience proves initially disorienting but ultimately provides a visceral and many layered glimpse into the workings and history of Jack Straw Productions.

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From the publisher

I aim with The Seattle Star to use my pages to help rebuild our community, to use our knowledge and our limited power to bring artists together and to bring people together with artists. So far we have done this quietly, by publishing poetry, drama, radio plays and fiction alongside our essay writing. We will continue to do so, but rest assured we will expand this mission visibly over the next year.

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Bushwick Book Club Seattle watches the Watchmen

One of the marvelous things about the Seattle arts community is its literary heart. Few environments can boast of lit-driven ensembles like Book-It Reparatory Theater and the Bushwick Book Club Seattle. Beginning in 2010, Bushwick members have taken great risk in drawing musical inspiration from written works deeply entrenched in the popular consciousness, if not the personal mythology, of its audience.


Hollow Earth Radio and Nonsequitur bring trio improvisation to the Chapel

In improvisation, duos are a sort of conversation. Big bands are something like a game of follow the leader. In a sense, improvising trios are a combination of both. They retain much of the conversational intimacy of a duo through a kind of shared leadership of conversation that rarely if ever occurs in the classic quintet format, or even in the quartet. Many things can happen in trios that would be virtually impossible in another format.