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Why Not Us, Again?

Hours before the regular season kicks off, Raymond Muprhy takes a look at the NFL Champion Seahawks and muses about the phenomenon and their chances in the coming season.


NHL Hockey in Seattle–Eh?

Writer Ray Murphy covered hockey at every level – from youth leagues to the NHL – in 25 years as a sportswriter. Here he talks about the prospects of a Seattle NHL team.

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Why Ichiro’s Departure Makes This Nikkei Girl Sad

Ichiro’s image was linked in my mind with my father, my cousins and uncles, the members of my Japanese American family who love baseball. Ichiro is Japanese, not Japanese American, but seeing him at the plate reminded me of those Ansel Adams pictures, taken of Japanese American players during World War II, behind barbed wire. Ichiro was a Japanese man, succeeding wildly at an all-American pastime.

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At STIFF: This Is How I Roll

Direct from the creative minds of New York filmmakers Kat Vecchio and Joe Mihalchick is This Is How I Roll—a fresh STIFF documentary depicting men who actually strive to skate, hit and dominate just like the ladies.