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The Working Artist: Paige Barnes – In The Studio

Ms. Barnes has been popping up everywhere lately: From Vanessa deWolf’s Score for an Unrehearsed Ensemble to impromptu events at Kaleidoscope Vision and Danse Perdue, she has shown a penchant for keeping busy. Still, she always returns to Open Flight Studio, which she co-founded in 2002-2003. I caught up with Ms. Barnes at Open Flight Studio in rehearsal for her new dance work, Lead Bunny.

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The Working Artist: Paige Barnes — Teacher, Student, Artist

There are scoffers in the community who believe that artists do not do any real work. Paige Barnes’ life and career offer a perfect rejoinder to this sort of nonsense. She is as devoted to her community as she is to her craft and her creativity, in ways that those who do “real work” only wish they could understand. In spite of all her hard work and her innate genius, Paige Barnes remains a virtually unappreciated artist in a town that is known for failing to appreciate its working artists.

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The Working Artist Series with The Cabiri: Educating the audience

How does one get into aerial arts, anyway? It is no secret that one of the great problems of the performing arts is creating continuity. Not only continuity of style, and not only continuity of tradition, but also continuity of knowledge among practitioners as well as among audiences. For quite sometime in Seattle it has been fashionable among theater artists to talk about educating their audiences. The goal is noble but difficult.