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Odin’s Horse and the Lehrstück ohne Lehre

In our post-Bush era, political theater is increasingly rare. In our remote, cozy and often smug city of Seattle it is rarer still. Anything encouraging Americans to get together in a group to solve problems is a general anathema. Stereotypes have hardened. Dialogue is emotional and without sense. Issues are treated not as matters to solve by consensus but rather to be solved by fiat. It is no wonder discussion feels polarized.

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The Seattle Community Network Revives Their Commitment to the Future

It’s 1993. Unless you are locked regularly in the basements of university computer science departments, you have never heard of the World Wide Web. If you have a computer at all, your computer runs at a maximum of 100 mHz and may have 4MB of memory, unless you can spare an extra thousand dollars in which case you may have 8MB–if your computer can actually accept it, since upgrades are impossible in many models.