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Musopen Sets Music Free

The Musopen project is complete. The orchestra have finally completed their recording process and have released a full DVD of classical delights into the public domain, free of charge. The list of recordings is phenomenal for any music lover, even one who only casually likes classical music or one who is simply eager to learn.

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Why Ichiro’s Departure Makes This Nikkei Girl Sad

Ichiro’s image was linked in my mind with my father, my cousins and uncles, the members of my Japanese American family who love baseball. Ichiro is Japanese, not Japanese American, but seeing him at the plate reminded me of those Ansel Adams pictures, taken of Japanese American players during World War II, behind barbed wire. Ichiro was a Japanese man, succeeding wildly at an all-American pastime.

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The Seattle Community Network Revives Their Commitment to the Future

It’s 1993. Unless you are locked regularly in the basements of university computer science departments, you have never heard of the World Wide Web. If you have a computer at all, your computer runs at a maximum of 100 mHz and may have 4MB of memory, unless you can spare an extra thousand dollars in which case you may have 8MB–if your computer can actually accept it, since upgrades are impossible in many models.

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I aim with The Seattle Star to use my pages to help rebuild our community, to use our knowledge and our limited power to bring artists together and to bring people together with artists. So far we have done this quietly, by publishing poetry, drama, radio plays and fiction alongside our essay writing. We will continue to do so, but rest assured we will expand this mission visibly over the next year.