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Day of Remembrance 2012 Taiko Festival

In honor of Japanese American Day of Remembrance and the 70th anniversary signing of Executive Order 9066, the Minidoka Pilgrimage Planning Committee, Friends of Minidoka, and Seattle University are proud to present this year’s Day of Remembrance Taiko Festival 2012. Seven taiko (Japanese drumming) groups are performing.

Sky Fish

Evening Edition: RIP, South Seattle Beacon

Gregoire continues stepping it up before she steps out, a shady pastor pleads guilty, the death of another newspaper that’s served Seattle neighborhoods for nearly 100 years, and more.


Evening Edition: Bad Lieutenant, Port Of Call Seattle

A busy news day, indeed: A new black-eye for the SPD; waffling politicos in Olympia; the Supreme Court puts its foot down on education reform; 520 Bridge tolling is all right; Dan Savage’s original act of civic duty; and, for dessert, a claymation version of a scifi/horror classic.


Evening Edition: Well, Come On, Really

The introduction of another regular feature: Evening Edition, an end-of-the-day round-up of news items, editorial pieces and other ephemera to keep you informed as you head into the beginning of your evening.

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Pali Chant Suite: For Strings and Thai Yoga

This 70-minute class includes a 10-minute introduction, a 50-minute piece performed by three violinists, percussionist, and backing track, while two yogis lead the class in thai yoga, a 2500 year-old sequence of simple healing poses.